Developing your tutees

One of the most important elements of the personal tutoring role is to monitor students’ transition and engagement with their academic studies. You can provide an objective overview of their progress and advise them on ways to improve their academic performance. As students progress you can help them choose their options, taking into account their current performance and their future career ambitions. Your key role is thus to support your tutees’ academic integration, progression and achievement.

Includes example curriculum for both Personal Tutors on Undergraduate (UG, levels 3-7) and Postgraduate Taught (PGT, level 7)

Includes a wide range of materials that can be used in a 50-minute tutorial. Each topic has a lesson plan including a session introduction, downloadable resources and a concluding activity. The materials have been designed to be used with specific year groups (Levels 4–7) and can be used for both group and individual tutorials.

Includes resources to help embed enterprise in the curriculum along with case studies and testimonials from academic staff, students and employers.